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Transcription Services

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Transcription Services

Poor transcription services are a dime a dozen, which is why many companies and organizations are demanding higher quality. Outsourcing and software services simply don’t cut it in a world where insurance, legal, and business standards are scrutinized by regulatory bodies and the public more and more.

Can you imagine being able to work with a transcription vendor that can immediately pull up their current accuracy ratings, standards and statistics without having to scramble and draft fictional numbers on the fly? Transcription services aren’t some secret to be hidden under a rug until they’re completed; they’re a proven science with measureable results.

It’s true that many vendors just don’t have their acts together. We’ve heard it time and again from our clients: transcription services are almost always lacking in quality, speed, or reliability. And sometimes all of the above!

Transcription Express specializes in highly-refined transcription services that are guaranteed to meet and exceed your organization’s standards. We encourage you to sign up for our free transcription checklist above or give us a call today!

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